Softwood and Hardwood Timber Wanted-Land Clearing Services!

Standing Timber Wanted !!!
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We are always looking to purchase standing softwood and
hardwood timber, pulpwood and chip wood throughout New York
State. We offer a free walk through evaluation of your property to
determine the timber harvest possibilities that exist. Once we
determine the harvest possibilities for your woodlot we will make
you a fair offer based on your goals for your property. Our timber
harvesting contractors are all insured logging professionals. Species
we are always looking for include White Pine,Red Pine,Scotch
Pine,Yellow Pine,Hemlock,Spruce,Balsam Fir,Tamarack,Larch,Red
Oak,White Oak,Black Oak,Rock Oak,Chestnut Oak,Yellow Birch,
Black Birch,White Birch,Hard Maple,Soft Maple,White Ash,Black
Ash,Black Cherry,Butternut,Basswood,Poplar,Aspen,Black
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Land Clearing Services

We are always looking for land clearing projects. We clear land for
mining, power or gas lines, windmills, development or wildlife
enhancement. Fully mechanized logging and excavating crews are
ready to get your project completed on schedule and to your
specifications. Feel free to contact us to discuss your anticipated

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